Three Tips to Motivate Your Fundraising Team For Success

Do you need to raise funds now for your league all stars or travel team? Fundraising is a necessary evil for many organizations. They depend on special projects to gather the funds needed to meet their budgets and must depend on volunteers to raise the money. Does your organization depend on others to meet their annual financial budget? How are your efforts going today?

In today’s tough economic time there are more organizations competing for a smaller pool of available resources. So how can you accomplish your goals? How can you stand out in the crowd? Start by looking at three tips to motivate your fundraising team members.

1. Know Your Fundraising Team Members and Their Abilities – Learn everything you can about your team of volunteers. Make a point to found out what their occupation is and what strengths or weaknesses they have. Plug them in the correct spot to maximize your efforts. Utilize their networking skills and contacts to help you reach your goals.

2. Have High Expectations – Set goals that are realistic, but don’t be afraid to reach. Create a buzz with higher expectations and an organized, systematic plan to reach your goals. Be enthusiastic and positive when talking about your goals. Create energy in your group by being energetic and passionate about your expectations.

3. Understand How Your Group Is NOT Motivated – No one likes to be badgered or nagged. Do not bother your group everyday with updates, motivational emails, or stats. Give them the facts and expectations, then create small groups to stay in touch. When the group leader contacts them they should do so with reminders of their goals and giving them overall updates on total funds collected. Create a positive expectation without asking them how much they are collecting.

Learn to think “outside the fundraising box” to turn your fundraising projects into “fun-raising” success stories. If everyone does a little the end result will be greatly multiplied. It takes Teamwork to make the Dream Work.

Mike Posey “CP”

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